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"An Approach to Successful Stock Trading Combining Company
  Fundamentals with Chart Technicals"

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How $35,000 Grows to $3,427,593 in 49 Quarters


Above chart shows how consistently excellent the TSM approach to stock trading has been: 9,693% return over 49 quarters versus the S&P's 100.7%.    Find the quarterly breakdown of results here.

"The TSM site is unique in that we identify stocks with good historical and future fundamentals with value remaining in their price. Then we look for technical trading signals to enter a position."

The TSM approach to stock and option trading combines quality company fundamentals with forward earnings-revision fuel (Zacks rankings) and with remaining value (PEG ratios). Trade entry is based on highly probable technical patterns (primarily multi-day pullbacks, but also breakouts in a bullish market), then managed under a disciplined ½ position targeting strategy that provides both a suggested profit range and iron-clad stop loss points with an emphasis on keeping losses small.  The ten + years of above data for thousands of trades document the validity of the approach.

TSM's daily picks are developed from ~50 to 250 high-quality stocks identified weekly via a series of 51 fundamental screens cross-screened against a value criteria. Most days one of these TSM stocks is picked to buy the next day, usually based on a technical pullback.  Complete entry point(s) are provided in addition to half position stop loss points.

A second aspect of the TSM daily report is the Put Option list provided nightly for the TSM stocks.  Here, front month, deep out-of-the-money Puts are featured that meet income/protection criteria: most often an 15+ percent annualized return and >15 percent downside protection.  Essentially, this option approach (writing naked Puts) is all about deploying money conservatively at high rates of return.

A third aspect of TSM's approach is intra-day trading. Using statistical methodology, trading maxims have been developed to trade a 1 min chart for a single stock (e.g., AAPL).  Edges were identified to made money day trading: e.g., 80% of the time AAPL makes either the high or low of the day in the first hour of trading and utilizing a 70-period Commodity Channel Index (a statistical measure related to volatility) to identify periods favorable to trading AAPL's "wiggles" {trading 15 to 24 cent gains continuously}. Note, these strategies have been set up and tested on TSM stocks, though currently, I have not been trading intra-day.

Finally, a fourth aspect of the TSM approach is incorporation of the married put strategy.  This strategy is designed to control risk and produce a decent return on invested cash over the following six months.


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These TradingMarkets.com articles describe strategies, analytical indicators (e.g., 2-period RSI) and present results from my own analysis. TSM's strategy in a nut shell is to identify a group of fundamentally sound stocks through 15 multiservice screens (IBD, Zacks, Vector Vest, Morningstar) then concentrate on buying those stocks with value remaining at their current price (2-yr PEG ratios as they pullback.  The 2-period RSI and TradingMarket's PowerRatings provide measures of pullback strength.


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